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Kamiya risponde (alle domande di Satoru Iwata)

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Si tratta di un "Iwata chiede" con Hideki Kamiya (il tizio a destra nella foto sopra.... ;) )

Attualmente l'intervista e' solo in jap ma su Neogaf hanno postato un riassunto in inglese:


- Kamiya played games (Intellivision and the like) mainly at the game corners of department stores because his family couldn't afford to buy any
- He sometimes went to an upper-classmans house to play their cassette-vision, but was often teased by them
-His first game console he owned was a Famicon/NES, which he bought in middle school. He bought it with the money he got at new years
- He had trouble finding one, but found a store that was going to get 10 of them in stock. He woke up at 4AM to go to the store to buy the Famicon, but 10 people were already lined up.
- A friend of his cousins offered to sell him their Famicon with 15 games for 30000 yen.
- The first game he bought from a store was "Nuts and Milk"
- He feels his time with the Famicon was the funnest period of his life


- While he really enjoyed playing games, he never really thought about the people that created them.
- He first learned about what a game designer was after reading an talk between Miyamoto and Zebius creator Masanobu Endou in the Famicon Magazine.
- It was then, during middle school, that he decided he wanted to be a game designer.
- He didn't know what to do to become a game designer, and doesn't feel he put any real effort into achieving it.
- He bought a PC88 intending to learn how to program, but ended up just playing games on it.
- He attempted BASIC, but felt it was impossible for him and gave up quickly
- Iwata didn't have a PC in high school, but he made games on a program calculator, which were played by someone else in his year
- One of Kamiya's friends was a Sega fan, and owned a Mark 3; they would constantly discuss which was better between the Famicon and Mark 3
- They also argued over PC's, with Kamiya owning a PC88, and his friend owning an MSX
- Kamiya's other friend owned an X1, but was able to buy an X68000 due to his part time jobs
- Kamiya would buy his own X68000 games and play them on this friends PC
- Due to playing games and noy studying, Kamiya failed the exams for the school he was aiming for, and ended up going to his spare choice.
- This school was near the train station, and right near the game center, which he ended up going to every day on the way home from school


- When in middle school, because the game center near the train station was out of school bounds, he had to go to a game corner in a batting center, where the games cost 100 yen per play, double that of the game centers 50 yen per play.
- One day a transfer student came to their class, and when they invited him to come along and play the new game "Dragon Buster" that had just been added to the batting centers game corner, he said they should go to the game center because it's cheaper
- While they had the idea that only wild students broke the school rules and went to the game center, Kamiya and his friends wanted to be a little naughty and went to the game center with the transfer student
- Kamiya watched other people play while deciding what game to spend his money on "Lord Fighter", which was the first game he played at a real game center.
- From then on Saturday became game center day
- He learned various things from the games he played. The Tower of Druaga taught him that items that have graphics to them in the menus are more exciting than items that are just text on the screen
- After working on RE2 and Devil May Cry, he was given his own project in Viewtiful Joe.
- When work began on VJ, Kamiya did some work on the maps, but couldn't create anything he enjoyed
- It was then he first learned about creating maps from scratch, having only looked over maps created by other people until then
- At first in VJ, he created platforms to jump on to, but found that it was easier to walk on the ground instead
- He placed V-Films in the air to make people jump, but when placing them on the map he thought "ah, this is the same as Super Mario's coins!"
- He found that the games he played influenced his game design without him realising it


- As Kamiya didn't put effort into becoming a game designer, he returned to his home town to find work after graduating from University, as he told his parents he would. He got a job offer from a company.
- His desire to be a game designer didn't end however, so without telling anyone he sent a proposal to various large developers, one of which was Nintendo. (Iwata: Ah, is that so? (laughs))
- Nintendo weren't looking for planners at the time, but he sent a proposal anyway and called the person in charge of personal affairs, but was simply told they weren't hiring.
- The proposal he sent was mostly pictures; pictures of characters, game screens, stages, etc.
- He recieved an unofficial job offer from both Namco and Capcom; he feels they found his style of proposal different from the norm
- He considered Namco, as he liked their games, but their offer was "if you're ok with being hired as a designer".
- It was common for designers to move on to be planners
- He feels being placed under Mikami was extremely lucky
- Mikami would kick peoples chairs and say "do you guys know what'll happen to the game if we don't stay persistant here?!"
- The first team he was placed in was the team for Resident Evil 1, where he worked as a planner under Mikami
- The project for RE1 had already started before Kamiya joined Capcom, going through lots of experiments and challenges. It had the temporary name "3D horror", and was Capcom's first fully polygonal game
- Kamiya was slightly disappointed with Capcoms 2D output at the time, so when he first saw the game during the introduction training he wanted to enter the team.
- He found out later that the team was looking for people who could draw to help create the storyboards, and his game proposal with lots of pictures caught their eyes
- Mikami introduced the team style of "the director has full responsibility over the games direction" to Capcom, wherein the director has final say on everything
- Until then teams in Capcom had a "let's all make games together" kind of style to development
- Some people, including Kamiya, tried to resist
- People on the team wanted to make the characters move faster to increase the action feel of the game, but Mikami refused saying "no, the theme is horror, so it's fine as is"
- When they finished everything and played it, they realised why Mikami refused to budge on various points
- Kamiya kept this in mind when he was given the task of directing RE2
- Kamiya constantly OK'd various ideas from the staff for RE2 as they thought of them, instead of picking and choosing to suit his vision, turning RE2 into a mess (RE1.5), and eventually ruining 1 and a half years of work
- His ruining of RE2 was known throughout the company, as the game was expected to be the companies poster title, and was talked about
- He found this shocking, and difficult
- Mikami had Kamiya continue to direct the game, despite him having failed
- Kamiya thought a lot about why RE2 had failed, and lowered his "OK line", being more picky with what ideas from the staff he gave the OK to
- This experience taught Kamiya a lot about directing

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E' troppo figo in quella foto. Sembra un personaggio di un fumetto d'azione! Dovrebbe fare un videogioco con lui come protagonista con le sembianze di quella foto di quando era più giovane. :sisi:

La parte più figa dell'intervista è quella che riguarda Bayonetta 2 "Sexy Pistols". XD

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