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( Apple ) il pił grande guadagno di sempre ....

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Just as the bearish sentiment in Apple hits a cyclical peak, the company is about to deliver the the biggest earnings blowout in the history of the world.
We're talking about the mother of all earnings blowouts. Well maybe not that big, but certainly the largest blowout in company history without question.
The difference between wealth and poverty on Wall Street is determined by ignoring the fluff, respecting the details and using reason to tease out the bottom-line reality generally overlooked by the masses. While everyone focuses on whether the passing of Steve Jobs marks the end of Apple, or whether the Amazon Kindle Fire will kill the iPad, the company is quietly selling millions upon millions of iPhones that far exceed even the most rosy expectations.
The most valuable company in America is about to grow its earnings by a whopping 84 percent this quarter, and Wall Street is asleep at the wheel. Apple's trailing twelve months of earnings is going to skyrocket from $27.68 to at least $33.00 which will finally drive Apple's P/E ratio down into the 11′s. While fund managers continue to debate whether they should buy Amazon (AMZN) at a 95 P/E ratio or Google at 22 P/E ratio, Apple will have reported more in revenue in one quarter than each of these companies reported all last year.
Bullish Cross Research expects Apple to report $11.75 in EPS on $42 billion in revenue in fiscal Q1, which compares to the Wall Street consensus estimates of $9.79 in EPS on $38 billion in revenue. The Bullish Cross outlook, if proven accurate, will amount to Apple reporting the largest revenue and earnings blowout in the history of the company. The table below outlines the Bullish Cross Fiscal Q1 2012 Earning Forecast for Apple Inc. and includes a very specific breakdown in our revenue expectations

se poi quest'anno uscirą anche iPad 3 ...

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