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The Invincible anche su PlayStation 5prime immagini

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Poles from Starward Industries present their adaptation of The Invincible

From CD Projekt to Bloomber Team via Techland, a dozen former developers from these three Polish studios have come together to found “Starward Industries”, giving us a preview of their first project: an adaptation of the SF novel by 60s The Invincible, telling us the story of a scientist astronaut in search of the Condor spacecraft, disappeared on the desert planet Régis III where an artificial life form (robots therefore) comes from who knows where.

No release date for the moment but the promise of a release on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S for this title which will run under Unreal Engine (and which will be translated into French, note) and which already offers some visuals and an excerpt from his OST.







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