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Fugue on the Battlefield,Tokyo Ogre Gate ,Cecilearriverano su ps4 immagini e info

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All three CyberConnect2 projects will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch


CyberConnect 2 has therefore unveiled to the world its plans for the future with three pieces without the support of anyone since the developer will edit the whole. A desire to finally break away from the status of "standing studio" (something that Platinum Games also plans to do), even if yards alongside Bandai Namco or others can still fall in the meantime. For this, CC2 will inflate: 200 employees currently, the group wants to reach 300 in the next two years, mixing those of Japan and the Montreal team.

Based on the theme of "Vengeance", the three projects will form a trilogy with the following summaries.

1) Fugue on the Battlefield

- Same universe as Little Tail Bronx (Tail Concerto, Solatorobo ...)
- RPG action / strategy under the themes of "drama and despair"
- The fate of 11 surviving children of the war who will use a giant tank (Taranis) to save part of the population, in the hands of the Berman Empire, will be followed.
- Of course useful in combat, the Taranis also has a useful weapon (Canon of Souls) that can devastate everything in its path but with a price to pay: the life of one of its passengers.

2) Tokyo Ogre Gate

- The main character will be Towako Mutsu, a fencing talented high school student who has an artificial heart giving her the power to put an end to Genshu Kubizuka, a traitor of the nation wishing to open the gates of hell to awaken a demonic chimera.
- Style of the game still unspecified.

3) Cecile

- Action game in 2,5D.
- A heroine again, Cecile, who will want to take revenge on her mother and her three sisters after a ritual to transform the whole family into a clan of witches.

Last point of importance that has just fallen: Cyberconnect2 intends to release these three games on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. No date, however.








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Fuuuu meno male, temevo fosse roba mobile.


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Mi stuzzicano tutti e 3!Resto in attesa di avere qualche info in più... :sisi:


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Cecile mi pare figo già da quelle 2 immaginette...un sidescrolling in 2d HD

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