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Technical info
- Genre: Sports
- Players: 1 / Up to 4 in local wireless (Download Play supported)
- Save data size: 125kb
- Save data: 1
- Internet features: online leaderboards, submit your records
- StreetPass: allows you to gather Mii for the Full Marathon

Compatible amiibo
- Mario (Super Smash Bros. series)
- Sonic (Super Smash Bros. series)
- Dr. Mario (Super Smash Bros. series)
- Mario (Super Mario series)
- Gold Mario (Super Mario series)
- Classic Colours Mario (Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary)
- Modern Colours Mario (Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary)

- 100 metres
- 110 metres hurdles
- Long Jump
- Javelin throw
- 100 metres Freestyle
- Archery
- Boxing
- Table Tennis
- Beach Volley
- Equestrian
- Rhythmic Gymnastics: Hoop

Dream Events (also 14 sports) include
- special version of Golf
- special version of BMX
- special version of Table tennis (where you have to hit numbers)
- special version of 100 metres Freestyle (with waves)
- special version of 100 metres hurdles

Story Mode
- you arrive in town
-  rivalry between the Mario Gym and the Sonic Gym, and you have to chose between the two
- choice will have an impact on which sports you will get to train for and compete in
- Mario gym will see you in the 110 Meter Hurdles, Beach Volley, Peach's Training Gym
- With the Sonic gym, you will battle in the 100 Metres, Table Tennis, Amy's Training Gym
- clearing the story mode, will get you the Mario or Sonic costume for your Mii

- playing with your Mii will allow you to wear various costumes, 270 in total
- by training at the Champions Road, you get TP
- get enough of these and your Mii will level up: this allows you to wear higher level gear
- to get the upper hand, your Mii can use special gear in order to become even stronger: boxing gloves, golf clubs, etc
- each has their own stats
- in order to get costumes and gear, you need to use Apples and Melons at the Costume and Gear Shops (respectively)
- get them by training or competing in the Full Marathon, walking a certain number of steps within a time limit, or completing Bonus challenges





Peach (Golf, 100 metres Freestyle)
Luigi (Table Tennis, 110 metres hurdles)
Daisy (Soccer / Football, Rhythmic Gymnastics: Hoop)
Birdo (Archery)
Bowser Jr. (Long Jump, Equestrian)
Bowser (Golf, Boxing)
Donkey Kong (Boxing, Beach Volley)
Yoshi (Soccer / Football, 100 metres)
Wario (Javelin throw, Archery)
Waluigi (Long Jump, BMX)
Diddy Kong (110 metres hurdles)
Dry Bones (BMX)
Ludwig (Table Tennis)
Nabbit (100 metres)
Rosalina (Rhythmic Gymnastics: Hoop)
Dry Bowser (Javelin throw)
Roy (Beach Volley)
Larry (Equestrian)
Wendy (100 metres Freestyle)



Tails (100 metres Freestyle, Beach Volley)
Amy (100 metres Freestyle, Rhythmic Gymnastics: Hoop)
Knuckles (Javelin throw, Boxing)
Cream (Beach Volley)
Vector (Golf, Table Tennis)
Espio (Long Jump)
Blaze (Equestrian, Rhythmic Gymnastics: Hoop)
Metal Sonic (100 metres, BMX)
Silver (110 metres hurdles, Archery)
Shadow (Soccer / Football, 100 metres)
Omega (Javelin throw)
Dr. Eggman (110m hurdles, Equestian)
Dr. Eggman Nega (Long Jump)
Wave (BMX)
Sticks (Archery)
Jet (Soccer / Football)
Zavok (Boxing)
Zazz (Table Tennis)
Rouge (Golf)

Full Marathon
- works just like the challenges in Wii Fit U
- have to run the 42.195km of an actual Full Marathon, and you do so by leaving your Nintendo 3DS in sleep mode
- each step corresponds to 1m, which means you need to walk 42.195 steps in order to complete the marathon
- as you progress through the marathon, you will unlock various costumes to power up your Mii
- if you meet other players via StreetPass, their Mii will come and lend you their support

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