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[curiosita]lo sapevate che il nuovo modello CUH-1200 Playstation4 equello pił silenzioso

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As reported yesterday, the new model of Playstation 4, called CUH-1200 in Japan and Europe CUH-1216th, is slowly entering the market in our beautiful country, as a result many gamers have begun to wonder if, indeed, the renewed console is really characterized by weight and lower power consumption.

The new layout of the motherboard and power supply seem to actually give you several advantages over the emission of heat, therefore you can count on less noise thanks to a more moderate use of the fan. All at the theoretical level course.

A NeoGAF user has decided to make a real text using a mobile phone software that can simulate a sound level meter. During the idle condition, the user has registered a 34 db rumorisità equal, though this figure is really able to ensure a very low noise level. With the hardware in full effort, however, the measurement has risen up to 50 db, relatively high.

Obviously we face a test not just deep as it was done with a sound level meter to phone, therefore we can not really give our opinion. The user himself admits, however, that the Playstation 4 CUH-1200 is still the most silent in the market now. However, we are certain that the real difference you'll notice when Sony decides to launch a Slim version of the gaming machine of the new generation, although to date has not been announced any plans like


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Vabbeh, questo test non conta niente...rumore rilevato da un utente attraverso l'applicazione del suo smartphone. gh gh gh

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forse intendeva dire che è meno rumoroso

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