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[PSP] Class of Heroes 3la PSP non ha ancora finito! by Gaijinworks

class of heroes

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Ed ecco l'altro titolo PSP a cui Vic Ireland e la sua Gaijinworks, e il publisher MonkeyPaw, sta lavorando.
Class of Heroes 3 di Aquire e sviluppato da Zerodiv, uscito in giappone nell'ottobre del 2010.
Il gioco verrà distribuito in america edizione fisica+digitale, ma prima verrà fatta una sorta di prevendita per conteggiare gli acquirenti e poi verrà diffuso il prezzo.
Insomma, occorrerà passare per lo stesso iter intrappreso per Class of Heroes 2 e Class of Heroes 2G.


Time to hit the books with a new crop of adventurers! Class of Heroes 3 takes the series toCoH3_Cover_Temp_small.jpg the next level with fan-requested changes and all new game systems that make this one of the most addictive and charming dungeon crawling RPGs ever!

The biggest new feature is that instead of one school, players have the choice of three very different schools to begin their quest and call their home during the game.  The school chosen will change the uniforms of the players and the degree of difficulty of the game.  Each school also has a unique cast of characters to interact with. Once the school is chosen and the game begins, players will also notice new systems like the expanded Affinity system that allows specific love/hate connections to be specified between characters to grow positive or negative relationships under player’s specific control.  Finally, one of the most-requested changes from Class of Heroes 2 has been implemented as well: labyrinths now feature a selection of ambient music as you explore them.

With the expanded school campus system, devilish new labyrinths, charming gameplay, and enormous cast of characters, Class of Heroes 3 won’t be easy for dungeon-crawling fans to put down once they start!

Pricing will be released once the poll for the physical+digital version is completed



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