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Nintendo: dati vendita EU e FRda una intervista su LeFigaro

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Intervista completa (in francese):



1) he talks about amiibo, which are quite successful (though he doesn't give any number other than the 200k target for this year). All figures are quite popular, though some are harder to find (Kirby and Wii Fit Trainer)
2) Smash Bros. for 3DS sold 220k since launch. Special bundle with 3DS XL + game back in stores this week.
3) Smash Bros. Wii U : still 200k target, though could get higher with christmas. They also confirm the Smash Bros + Basic Wii U bundle.
4) Wii U sold 490k (vs 340k in May). Still expecting 550k by the end of the year, and the Smash Bros. bundle should help.
5) Tomodachi Life sold over 400k units in France, and over 1m in Europe (200m in Germany). Only 10k of the 2DS + TL bundle left in France.
6) Pokémon OR/AS : over 400k units sold in 3 weeks. Expecting 500/540k by the end of the year.
7) Disney Magical World : all units for launch have been sold (50k), and there's already been new stocks sent to retailers. Surprised by this.
8) NSMB2 becoming hard to find, as it's been selling roughly 14K/week in the past few weeks.
9) Animal Crossing : New Leaf selling ~15k/week at the moment.

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