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Nintendo Kyoto Development Center: aggiornamento sulla ristrutturazione(in inglese)

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Riporto queste informazioni, lasco ai piu' esperti la formulazione di ipotesi varie sugli impatti per noi consumatori.


Kyoto Development Center

Restructure Details

Central HQ Building / Kyoto Research Office (old buildings)
- "1,000 developers" from the Central Office HQ vacated
- "100 developers" from the Kyoto Research Office vacated
- Intelligent Systems vacated from Kyoto Research Office into their new private building.
- No more development personnel in Central Office HQ?
- Only Mario Club Co., Ltd left in Kyoto Research Office?

Kyoto Development Center (new building)
- June 2014 official time of personnel transplant
- "1,000" Nintendo developers from Central HQ and "100" Nintendo developers from Kyoto Research Office merged into new Kyoto Development Center.
- Hardware and all Software personnel now in one building.
- 1,100~ / 1,500+ capacity filled thus far
- Nintendo hopes for better efficiency and expansion
- SRD is on the "8th floor" of building (Nintendo technology affiliate)
- EAD absorbed several SPD development personnel.
- SPD production units still separate. May not be in this building.
- SDD (Miiverse, System tools) and IRD (Hardware engineers) in building.
- SDD includes a Network Operations Department, with over 100 developers purely focused on network infrastructure and network based applications. (small chapter at Tokyo office as well)
- Katsuya Eguchi is department manager of all EAD groups in building. (New 90's Miyamoto)
- Slight delay of Kyoto based development of games until 2015.

- Sakamoto and his personal development team re-emerging under new identity? (Game & Wario, Kiki Trick, Tomodachi Life)
- Graphic Art staff collectively throughout Nintendo about 40-50% female.
- EAD Tokyo unaffected
- Iwata / Miyamoto establish "General Support Group" which is an alliance of small internal (1-Up Studio Inc., Monolith Soft Inc. Kyoto) and external support studios (Indies Zero, Mox, Bahaus Ent.) filling out large EAD production units.
- Nintendo has become a large client of Digitalscape Co., Ltd. (temp agency) hiring large number of contract workers, and having a high retention rate of most of them after contract is over. (Mostly for EAD Tokyo)


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