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Famitsu has pooled together a massive list of rumors that they published in their latest issue. Here's all the juicy gossip that's related to Nintendo platforms.

Bravely Second‘s scenario writing is complete

- Tomoya Asana replied by saying that plans are ramping up for the Bravely Default sequel and that details about the game could come out this summer

Famitsu’s Plausibility: 100%

A major monster is set to be coming to Dragon Quest Monsters 2

- Famitsu believes one important monster is missing from the latest game
- Square-Enix says that info on that monster may be on the way

Famitsu’s Plausibility: 90%

Another song was added to Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call because of a mistake a producer made

- when producer Ichiro Hazama appeared on a Final Fantasy XIV livestream, he said that game would have nine songs in Curtain Call when the original plan was eight
- a song that was originally planned to be DLC was promoted to be included on the actual cartridge
- this was a stressful addition for the development team to make considering that they were already running out of space on the cartridge

Famitsu’s Plausibility: 100%

A surprise is planned for the Monster Hunter 10th anniversary event.

- producer Ryozo Tsujimoto implied that they might have some new things to talk about for the upcoming Monster Hunter 4G at an upcoming event

Famitsu’s Plausibility: 70%

Shu Takumi’s new Ace Attorney game will shake the series up.

- a PR member for Capcom said that they have more announcements on the game on the horizon

Famitsu’s Plausibility: 60%

Nintendo will officially announce a new Legend of Zelda game for the Wii U at this year’s E3

- Nintendo did not comment

Famitsu’s Plausibility: 40%

Level-5 is developing a sequel to Yokai Watch.

- Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino says the company will be able to put out an official announcement about this sometime in April

Famitsu’s Plausibility: 100%

Senran Kagura franchise has more titles in the works

- producer Kenichiro Takaki said that while there are a lot of ideas bouncing around for future entries, for the time being, the developers are focusing on the three that have already been announced
- expect more information in the future

Famitsu’s Plausibility: Op-pi%. (“Pi” as in the number)

A new Metal Max game is in the works.

- designer Hiroshia Miyaoka somewhat confirmed this
- he has already submitted design documents for what to do with the series next
- the antagonist is set to sport a different hair color than what’s been seen in previous games
- director Tomoki Tauchi said that he hopes to make a game that stays true to the series’ roots
- he jokingly stated he wants to do a collaboration with the Shin Megami Tensei series that could be, in his words, “an RPG about demons, humans, and tanks.”

Famitsu’s Plausibility: 45%





FAMITSU ( la rivista giapponese ) ha pubblicato una serie di rumor . qui sono riportati quelli che riguardano le console nintendo ( alla fine praticamente solo il 3ds :P )



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