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Kinect Sport Rivals - RARE ha Eliminato molti Sport durante la Lavorazione

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Dropped Kinect Sports Rivals game types include kayaking, horse-racing and frisbee Rare went "very broad and very wide" during the game's concept stage

Posted on Friday 29th Nov 2013 at 11:24 AM UTC   By Edwin Evans-Thirlwell, Deputy Editor for OXM

If you're worried you look a bit silly driving an invisible wake-racer in the Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason trial, consider this: you could be riding an invisible horse. According to Rare's Danny Isaac, horse-riding is one of a number of sports that haven't made it into the final version of the game, which launches in spring 2014.

"Yeah, there were some that didn't make it," he told me at a preview event. "Some we cut completely - we had horse racing and fishing, which we built as prototypes. All the sports that made it into the product were all built as prototypes before.

"We really focused on what could bring the Kinect sensor alive, and what can put it on that pedestal," Isaac added. "Horse-racing and fishing were kind of good, but they didn't make it. We also had some really cool kayaking prototypes, as well as a Frisbee one, and a table tennis game.

"When we go for our preproduction stage and our concept stage, we tend to go very broad and very wide. At the time though the sensor wasn't complete, so we were prototyping on the old Kinect, as well as trying to mimic the fidelity that we'd have on the actual sensor. That's when we proofed out things like rock-climbing, with the open and closed hands, and wake-racing, soccer, target shooting and tennis."

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Rare apparently hasn't found developing for an unfinished platform a struggle, though it was often obliged to adapt on the fly while Microsoft engineers nailed down the Xbox One's final capabilities. "The hardware was there, but the software supporting it wasn't ready for primetime," Isaac told me later in the chat.

The studio also isn't bothered by "hardcore cynicism" about Kinect, and has thrown around ideas for Kinect-capable Banjo, Conker and Perfect Dark titles.


Per Farla Breve:


Danny Isaac di Rare ha rivelato al sito OXM (Original Xbox Magazine),  che il team di sviluppo ha fatto una cernita sulle discipline sportive progettate inizialmente per Kinect Sports Rivals, tagliandone fuori alcune, come la Pesca, la Corsa sui Cavalli ed il PIng Pong, perché non esaltavano l'utilizzo del Kinect 2.0.



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Un gioco di pesca senza il force feedback ha poco senso a mio avviso........Meglio così quindi.

Zio Snake

Zio Snake
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Peccato per il tennis tavolo, invece...


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scusate ma quando dovrebbe uscire?

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