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Rapporti Nintendo - sviluppatori first/second party.

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Su Kotaku e' uscita una interessante intervista sul rapporto tra gli sviluppatori di Luigi's Mansion 2 e Nintendo.

(Nota: la discussione potrebbe stare anche contemporaneamente nella sezione Nintendo/portatili ma non so se si puo')

Se ne e' gia' parlato qui:


Ma penso che sarebbe interessante dedecargli una discussione a parte:

But Luigi comes with rules. It turns out that Nintendo characters often do. One rule for Luigi for the new game? Luigi wasn't allowed to jump. In Super Mario Bros., that's fine. In a Luigi's Mansion? It was not permitted.

"That comes from NCL," Davis said, referring to Nintendo by the acronym for their Japanese HQ. "We have a set of rules that we can explore within each character. Different characters like Toad we were restricted on. Well, he can only do certain things in the game. [For example,] he's supposed to look like he's having fun when he's with Luigi. There are situations in the game where, if he's not connected with Luigi, we try to make him look scared or frightened, so that the player feels an emotional connection with him when you leave him."

(Questa cosa la fa anche la Dinsey che ha una serie di regole rigidissime per gli sceneggiatori e disegnatori dei suoi fumetti)

"Then the game was about adding value. Because the first game was notoriously short. And Miyamoto himself would play the game even a year into development and say, 'No we need to keep adding more. Let's keep experimenting with new gameplay ideas.'

Nakada admitted that he thought the game was finished multiple times. "Throughout the three-year development time there were a number of points where we stopped and were like, 'Well, we're done. This is good to go.' But there were places that we found that were good enough that we actually wanted to take advantage of them a bit more and expand upon those discoveries throughout the development. So that's another factor as to why it took three years."

It includes a single-player adventure and multiplayer. That multiplayer is supposed to be good. Miyamoto said so.

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