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[07.04.2012] Velvet Condom in concertoExenzia Live Club (Prato)

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Wardance è lieta di svelare la prima sopresa di Aprile

Evento in collaborazione con Exenzia Club

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7 Aprile 2012 Unica data italiana di VELVET CONDOM

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VELVET CONDOM was formed during 2005, in Strasbourg – France, by Alice Gift (vocals, guitars, keyboards) and Oberst P. (programming, keyboards).
They consider their music as dirty-pop or weird-wave played by dead mannequins. As if Synth PoP would meet dark noisy guitars and teenage angst lyrics.
On one side, the cold and safe synthetics of a condom and the glamorous elegance of velvet on the other.
Their debut EP (8-tracks) was released in 2006, containing early minimal-cold-wave party classics as "Kalter Lippenstift" and "Playgirlz".

The band has already played more than 200 shows in France, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Austria, Poland, Rumania, Greece, Lithuania, Slovakia, ... and opened for bands like: Vive la Fete, Who made Who, Autokratz, Fehlfarben, Schwefelgelb, No More, Psyche, A-Frames, Lesbians on Ecstasy, Fliehende Stürme, Jad Wio, Swann Danger, The Weegs, Selfish Cunt, Romance, Stereo Total, Specimen, Noblesse Oblige, Absolute Body Control, Legendary Pink Dots, Clair Obscur, ...

Live, the band definitely shows a wilder and noisier side and would mainly use neon tubes and strobe lights to create a psychedelic robot-noise-pop performance.
In the beginning of 2008 VC has moved to Berlin to catch the spirit of its creative urban decadence and has released its second Album "Safe & Elegant", distributed by the Dutch label Enfant Terrible, which got very positive feedback from the press and fans. VC was one of the underworld’s best kept secrets and is now evolving thanks to their LIVE reputation their song writing and production skills to a more and more popular treasure ; You just have to Google the bands name to measure its popularity, more than 50 pages of results!

Managing and producing themselves VC have gathered an impressing following fan basis during the last years, their songs got played in clubs all over world (Argentina, Russia, USA, Europe, ...) and they got invited to headline concerts in Greece, Romania, Belgium, Poland, and to opened for main acts on their special request. Furthermore their song “Never Ever” has been used as the soundtrack of the European TV channel arte’s monthly program preview, and they have recently been approached by French s famous fashion designer Agnes B.!
During the year 2011 VC released its new Album “Stadtgeil” distributed by Pale Music Int. (ref.: Mona Mur, Namosh, Andrew Unruh, Boy From Brazil, ...), it’s a story about Love in the City, an urban romance about darkness and glitter.

„Was peitscht mich denn so in die Stadt hinein? Was ras’ ich verrückt heerstraßenlang?! Pfähle blutig anrempelnd, Schädel zertrümmernd an feisten Stämmen und meine stadtgeilen Füße zerreißen am Gestein der Nacht“
(Ludwig Meidner)

||| PRESS ||||

"Velvet Condom have their own sound - passionate and atmospheric with the sparkling glam of a modern romanticism. Not to be missed."
(Andy from NO MORE – DE)

This album is hopefully only the first of many more releases, as this is one of the best independent (electro) pop records recently released… This album could well be hottest release for this summer. (Enfant Terrible – NL)

The band has two faces: they play electro pop in the best 80's tradition but with a very contemporary feeling AND they play some of the finest indie guitar pop / shoegazer stuff heard since a long time. In a surprising way these two styles fit together very well and the band ends up with one sound for themselves. (Enfant Terrible – NL)

Another one of the bands making up part of the amazing wave scene that Berlin’s got going at the moment ! (Blitzgigs – DE)

Awesome. The song is "Collapse in Slow Motion" by Velvet Condom. Looks like I have another new album to get, and a new song to spin while DJ-ing. (Dorian White – USA)

This Album has no genre. And it’s all the better for it! It deserves not to be overlooked. (Artrocker Magazine – UK)


As you probably have guessed by now, VELVET CONDOM is not your typical 80s revival party electro band dressed up in flashy colours and I won’t complain about it since they managed to mix the danceable pop elements of the genre to darker experimental ones ingeniously on this first album. (Veglam – FR)

Dark, brooding Electronica reminiscent of early New Wave such as The Cure, Bauhaus, Joy Division/New Order (readthefanzine – UK)

While most French electro bands just take the easy DAFT PUNK way turning into DJs who do nothing but play their own music on CDs at shows, you’ll still find some more underground minimalistic acts that have more in common with German robotic genre originators KRAFTWERK. (Veglam – FR)

This amazing duo from Strasbourg creates an unique aesthetic of cold synth wave with elements of rough, but melodic post punk and shoegaze.
(Remembrance Daze– DE)

The world of VC is made of disused industrial areas reoccupied by the artists. ( – FR)

The duo’s music dives into the darkest era of the 80’s: martial drum machines, acid synths, noisy guitars drowned in echo... a unique world of deep basses and suicide talk-over guarded by 2 malign temple guardians. (DNA – FR)

Velvet Condom has done a wonderful job with this track. If possible, it might be even more moody and atmospheric than Eno’s original version. Whip-cracking sounds snap at you thru dense, hazy layers of keyboards and oddly wailing guitars – it’s a wonderful cover! (Burning Sky Records – US)

It’s a successful and extravagant album with a lot of different sounds in it. They unite Synth-Pop and Cold-Wave thanks to their very unique and innovative ideas! (Static Magazine – DE)

The band is not only known for the wave-party dance floor classics as “Kalter Lippenstift” and “Never Ever” but also for their impressive and intense live performances. Their debut EP got played all over Europe’s clubs! It’s an act you definitely MUST see live! (Deaf Blind Dumb – DE)

With a bemusing effortlessness NIco and Oberst are giving us a hit after another on their first album. It is astounding they haven t been signed yet! Nico’s classy and fanciful vocals are browsing thru these beautiful melodies with some cybernetic sadness. VC is a band you won’t be able to overlook anymore! (Elegy Magazine – FR)

.. a mix of the gloomy side of I AM X and the coolness and melodies of Andrea Dorau’s NDW era. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? It does! (Club Stereo – DE)

They’ve been a long ago insider tip! (ShockKultur – DE)

… i don’t know much bands who accomplished the ultimate embodiment of the frozen sound of the City, the symbolic of adolescence and fascination of decaying bodies, urban pessimism, the expression of speed thru a lethal listlessness, always hesitating between rebound and self-injury and ultra violence... (Le Transformateur – CH)

.. a music that flows intravenously in our body like an anesthesia and which leaves us totally numbed inside a giant morphine ampoule. (Le Transformateur – CH)

.. the elegance of their music reveals an absolute necessity: to reunite the pieces of a very personal puzzle and to assemble and share it in public. (La Laiterie – FR)

Cyborg music for urban metals! (Arbobo – FR)

EBM means Electro-Berlin-Muzic, with a V and C standing for Velvet Condom, name of prudent perverts, pre-AIDS music, reflexes from after its discovery. (Arbobo – FR)

Nico and O. never get drowned into melancholy, but always euphorically resurface in order to grab the stars! (Ich Bin Ein Berliner – DE)

New album of one of the best actual New Wave Bands! (Flight 13 – DE)

Anyway VC will put it deep in your ears, like they already did with the earlier and incredible “Safe and Elegant”. Those who’ve once heard “Silky Lolita” have been listening to it for more than 592 times now! (Arbobo – FR)

With “Stadtgeil” VC has succeeded without any doubt to top their debut album! (Schwarze Mitte – DE)

Although the release took a little while “Stadtgeil” is worth every cent and proves again that good things come to those who wait. (Schwarze Mitte – DE)

The album never gets boring!
To me the bands outside the genre classification are definitely my favorites! (Static Magazine – DE)

Early songs like „Poison and Maquillage“ and „Kalter Lippenstift“ have been a regular ingredient for a cool Berlin week-end trip. (Gothic Magazine – DE)

The mélange of frozen Synth-Pop, finest minimal-electronics and typical French atmospheric Cold-Wave got them quite fast into the hype. (Thomas Thyssen – DE)

VELVET CONDOM - Kalter Lippenstift


Velvet Condom - Poison & Maquillage

Velvet Condom - never ever

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Son bravissimi dal vivo, consiglio a tutti di venire a vederseli! :D


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Uppo perchè è uscita la prima parte dell'intervista che abbiamo realizzato ai Velvet Condom.
Così vi vedete pure Akumino e quant'è bello, con buona pace di quell'hipster di Autechre :culo:



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Seconda e ultima parte dell'intervista ai Velvet Condom B)

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