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[PC/Wii/Wii U/PS4/Switch] Dragon Quest X Online: Rise of the Five Tribes

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Producer: Square Enix
Developer: Square Enix
Releases: 2 agosto 2012 (jap, wii)
Info varie:

During today's Dragon Quest X press conference, producer Yousuke Saito said that the game can be played 100% on your own, meaning you don't necessarily have to play with others. However, this doesn't appear to mean that the game can be played without going online.

Square Enix addressed the issue of the game's online system at its support page today. In a brief response to the question "Is it not possible to play without an internet connection," the support page says "It's possible to play offline for the first few hours after the start of the game. However, to play all elements of the game, an internet connection is required."

Precise details of the game's online and story components have yet to be shared, so we're going to have to wait for further clarification.

During the presentation, Saito and series creator Yuji Horii took the effort to assure fans that the game's online system will not be difficult to use, saying that you can easily log out, the commands are all familiar to past DQ games, and, as mentioned above, you can enjoy yourself fully without playing with others. They also mentioned that the game will have a huge story.

The Wii version Dragon Quest X won't be released until some time next year. By then, the game will have been in development for close to seven years.

This is according to former Square Enix employee Takehko Hoashi. At his Twitter today, Hoashi wrote that the game has already been in development for six years. He wonders if Square Enix will actually release it fiscal term given the reaction the recent announcement has gotten.

According to his entry at the GameStaff Wiki, Hoashi has a long history in the game industry. He previously worked at as producer on a number of Banpresto games, before moving to then Square, where he worked on games like Front Mission Alternative, Final Fantasy IX, and Final Fantasy The Spirits Within. His most recent work at Square Enix included Final Fantasy XIV and The 3rd Birthday. He left the company in 2010.

Six years actually isn't too incomprehensible for the DQ franchise, whose main numbered games are known for lengthy development times. DQVIII was released on PS2 in November 2004, and Dragon Quest IX on DS nearly five years later in July 2009.

If Hoashi's statement is true, it would mean that development on DQX kicked off not too long after DQVIII and ran parallel with DQIX. Different from those two titles, which were developed externally at Level-5, DQX is being developed internally at Square Enix, so it's not too hard to imagine parallel development lines.

Square Enix announced today a release date of August 2 for Dragon Quest X. The Wii title will be priced ¥6,980 on its own and ¥8,980 when bundled with a USB Memory card.

For those who opt for the base version, the game will require that you provide your own USB memory card with at least 16 gigabyte capacity. You'll also, of course, need to have a broadband internet connection.

A bit rare for Wii games, the game ships on two discs. It's unclear at present what content is on the second disc, but we should be getting additional details later in the day.

As expected, the game will have a service charge. Charges run ¥1,000, ¥1,950 or ¥2,900 for respectively 30, 60 and 90 days play (Payment can be made via credit card using standard currency, or via WiiPoints. WiiPoint pricing is the same). You'll be able to create up to three characters.

Both the standard and bundle versions of the game will come with 20 days free play time. Square Enix is also planning to host special "Kids Times" for the game. These periods will be free play. Square Enix says that it won't be setting a specific age limit for these periods, but asks that people understand that they're meant for children.

Un DQ per la prima volta sviluppato internamente a Square Enix, con i filmati realizzati da Visual Works.
Online.... dopo la versione wii ne realizzeranno una potenziata per Wii U, che permetterà il cross-play con quella wii. Qualche forma di compatibilità col 3ds, mentre l'uscita jap rimane fissata per un generico 2012 (su wii, per wii u è tba). Sembra sia richiesta una memoria usb esterna per il gioco.



14:55: Regarding the release time frame, Hori said it will be 2012.

14:54: Hori and Saito take the stage for a parting message.

14:52: Regarding the Wii U version, Iwata notes that players who begin playing on the Wii could continue on the Wii U after they pick up that system.

14:49: Iwata congradulates the series on its 25th anniversary. It's also Zelda's 25th anniversary, he reminds.

14:48: Next, they bring out Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata to speak.

14:47: They're going to have a beta test. Details will be announced shortly.

14:46: Next Hori announces a bit of possible 3DS compatibility. They're thinking about something where you can transfer your character to your 3DS for Spot Pass transfers with other players.

14:46: The staff is working to make DQX graphically superior on Wii U. The Wii and Wii U versions will be played in the same world, though -- they will be crossplatform.

14:45: They just announced Dragon Quest X for Wii U!

14:45: Next, a surprise!

14:44: The hosts ask for a development status update. The producer just gives a generic bit about how they're working hard on the game, and so forth.

14:44: The video of the play session ends.

14:42: When you're not playing, you can let your character be used by other players in their parties.

14:41: This time, he has a new weapon and upped his skill points. He and his new party of two other NPCs face off agains the Golem. Other players who are in your area as you fight appear translucent and show their support for you.

14:40: The music playing in the background as he plays is all new DQX music from Sugiyama.

14:40: He's going to try the Golem battle that he lost in the previous clip. This time, he's going to use a new weapon.

14:39: You can also create your own home. Your friends can come visit.

14:39: You can create weapons that are used by other people. If your weapon is used by many, your status/name will rise.

14:38: Now they're introducing a section called "life in the Dragon Quest X world." You can take things like weapon and accessory maker jobs.

14:37: Players can help other players who've fallen.

14:35: You can see other players fighting in the world. This looks MMORPGish. I don't think they've said how many people can exist in the same world though.

14:34: He's adventuring with an NPC that he selected himself. The characters have job and race (the five races from the title -- dwarves, elfs, etc...).

14:34: Like past DQ games, you go to the pub to assemble a party.

14:33: The game screen is being kept simple and clean, Fujisawa says.

14:33: You can create your own character.

14:33: They're showing a play demo that was filmed earlier.

14:32: Director Jin Fujisawa takes the stage to show the game.

14:30: The next theme is things that may relieve those worried about online games. You'll be able to logout easily, for instance. You won't have to play with others -- the game can be cleared 100% on your own, using NPC characters. The commands will be familiar.

14:30 (Season means things like New Years, Halloween, etc... not seasons like Fall, Winter).

14:29: There will be various events with every season.

14:28: The game will also have added quests post release -- like in Dragon Quest IX. It will be at the same pace or even faster pace that DQIX's. Some of the quests will span multiple volumes.

14:27: They'll have a job change system. They won't announce the name of the system today. After release, there will be additional jobs.

14:27: Next a concept: "The joy of being able to play forever."

14:27: He's not sharing details on the story -- just showing artwork and telling players to imagine from there.

14:26: The game will have a huge story, Saito says. (In case you were worried about it being online and all...)

14:25: Hori and Saito are looking at the five race artwork and praising Toriyama's work.

14:24: The game is set in Astortia, which has five continents and five races -- the five races listed in the surname.

14:23: Saito explains the game's concept, world view, etc...

14:22: Everything is being developed internally. Even the CG work from the intro was from Visual Works (Square Enix's movie staff).

14:22: This is the first time the game is being developed inside Square Enix.

14:21: Producer Yosuke Saito takes the stage.

14:21: Hori is calling out the game's producer.

14:19: They've delivered messages.

14:19: Akira Toriyama and Sugiyama Koichi are, of course, handling the character designs and music.

14:18: Regarding the online, your allies will be real players.

14:17: Hear that? It's for Wii! So no more questions about platform changes!

14:16: The game is going to be an online RPG. It's for Wii.

14:16: The surname leaked out in a trademark filing a while back.

14:15: Dragon Quest X Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku

14:14: Developed by Square Enix, the clip said...

14:13: He's going to show a video to introduce the next DQ game.

14:10: He's recalling how low tech things were back when the first DQ came out -- the game fit in the file size of a cell phone wallpaper screen.

14:10: He thanks the fans for the series being able to go on for so long.

14:09: "Hello, I am Hori."

14:09: DQ series father Hori Yuuji takes the stage!

14:08: The new Dragon Quest portal site, Dragon Quest Paradise, is opening today. It's at

14:08: Now he's speaking about upcoming non game developments.

14:08: Yes we will! December 1 is the release date!

14:08: Next up, Itadaki Street Wii... I believe Fortune Street in the US? Will we get a release date?

14:08: Yes we will! November 2 is the release date!

14:08: Next, Slime Mori Mori Dragon Quest 3 for 3DS. This was previously announced before, of course. Will we get a release date?

14:08: He's beginning by introducing upcoming near-term developments for the series, first DQ Collection, which hits Wii on 9/15.

14:07: Miyake is the executive producer of the Dragon Quest series at Square Enix.

14:05: Yuu Miyake takes the stage (I think that's his name).

14:04: The MCs said the reason why they're MCing. The dude is gong to be hosting some Square Enix net program that will start off with a DQ special. The girl will be appearing as a guest on the first episode.

14:03: Today's MCs are Hiroki Yasumoto and Ayana Tsubaki.

14:02: It's just showing the numbered games, then ends with "next," so this is definitely about DQX!

14:01: The event begins with a montage clip running through the history of the series.

14:01: It's starting!!!

13:59: The event is named ""The New Door that Now Opens" or something like that. The dude who just spoke said that the event is about to start.

13:57: Sound finally up! GO GO!

13:56: The Nico Nico Video feed has 32,000 viewers -- double the Ustream feed at present. Neither has sound right now, so I assume the sound is cut off until the start of the event.

13:49: If you're wondering what a Slime Tower Speaker looks like: clicky click. If I'm reading correctly, the individual Slimes can be placed separately.

13:46: This is a Slime Niku-man (Meat Bun) as it may be displayed at Family Mart.

Image from's live blog. They've got lots more pics from the event space, so check the site directly!

13:40: The Ustream broadcast has started. Watch here.

13:38: From Famitsu, the exhibit area of the press conference shows Slime meat buns that will be released at convenience store Family Mart in late November, and a Slime Tower Speaker that will be released in November by Hori.

13:27: According to a listing at Sankei Biz, today's event is about Dragon Quest X.

13:25: The press conference is taking place on the 39th floor. The 39th floor of what, I don't know. But it's on the 39th floor.

13:23: These pics from the event space are from They're finally using Cover It Live for their blog.

13:20: The event starts at 14:00, so check back in a bit!!! also me




sito ufficiale:

e il trailer:



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COme avevo previsto, lasciarla solo su Wii l'avrebbe mandato a morire, devo dire che pero' ho parecchie perplessita' a causa della tremenda infrastruttura online del Wii...


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Online :doson:


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Quello non vuol dire un tubo (si veda FFXI).


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speravo in un approccio più classico XD vabbè, comunuqe se sarà fatto bene anche su wiiu per me sarà un ka che me lo fa prendere... però non un semplice porting :doson:


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Dopo la piega presa dal 9 mi era scesa la fiducia in DQ,per i miei gusti per ora non mi ispira proprio,ma zero zero,e dopo FF mi cade anche DQ :(
Spero in un remake del 7 per vita :D


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Dragon Quest, il maggiore esponente della classicità in un jRPG... online.
Su Wii, la console con la migliore infrastruttura online e con la maggiore penetrazione/uso dell'online da parte degli utenti.

Boh, macchevvedevodì.
Menomale che c'è Monolith e menomale che c'è Xenoblade dai... speriamo altri ne seguano l'esempio.


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Quello non vuol dire un tubo (si veda FFXI).

Ma sfortunatamente esiste anche FFXIV :lol:


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Dal video è splendido, perchè online, perchèèèèèè io voglio un DQ classico ;<

già DQIX non mi è piaciuto...


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Ma sfortunatamente esiste anche FFXIV :lol:

Quanto c'hai giocato? :D

Cydonian Ace

Cydonian Ace
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No, tutto ma online no, i DQ sono da giocare offline. ;<
Ora stiamo a vedere, ma non sono molto ottimista



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ma informarsi prima di lamentarsi a palla no eh?

il gioco è giocabile al 100% anche offline...........


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Si ma si spera che offline ci sia un party con personaggi veri e non anonimi come in dq9 :dormire:


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Si parla di AI per cui e' piu' probabile una cosa sullo stile del 9.


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Gli costa meno sforzo svilupparlo così, si devono sbattere meno, vero? :rolleyes:

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