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[Wii] che cavolo sarebbe Donkey Kong Trooper Challenge?

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This comes from the VentureBeat interview with Reggie Fils-Aime that we posted up earlier...

VB: And did you have any worry that you have an Osborne effect? Maybe you won’t sell that many more Wiis now?

RF-A: We don’t think that’s going to be an issue and here is why. Let me focus in on the US. About 36 million units later, the consumer who is buying a Wii for the first time now is very different from from one buying the first 1 million Wii units. The consumer today loves the $149 price point. There is a wide range of software. For the consumer today, having a library that includes Wii Sports Resort and Wii New Super Mario Bros., Wii Donkey Kong Trooper Challenge — it’s a different consumer. And so I continue to believe that the Wii will have a strong summer, fall, holiday season and we are going to continue to drive the Wii part of our business. It will be strong even after the Wii U launches. They are just different consumers and we saw that just as an example when we launched the 3DS and continued to sell other units too.

in questa intervista reggie di nintendo of america cita accanto a titoli come mario bros e wiisport un certo Donkey Kong Trooper Challenge ...errore di trascrizione da parte dell'intervistatore, errore di reggie che voleva dire dk country return...o lapsus e si è lasciato sfuggire un nuovo gioco mai visto ne sentito neppure all'E3 ?


ovviamente credo a un errore...sarebbe tragicomico pensare che non abbiano fatto vedere all'e3 un nuovo gioco di dk...



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Ma no,parlava di titoli vecchi che oggi chi compra il Wii ha a disposizione

E' chiaramente un errore,su

No Presta bought it

No Presta bought it
  • E3 2014 is coming

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Reggie,basta con quelle canne,chè poi il tuo corpo isn't ready per insultare Jeff.

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