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Vendite Harware in India

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Ecco i dati di vendita hardware in India
PS2: 400.000
360: 100.000
PSP: 120.000
PS3: 35.000

Amidst all this jury duty, I also found time to attend some of the sessions on the gaming industry. The most interesting thing, for me, to emerge here was that, for the first time in a conference like this, Microsoft and Sony were willing to share some unofficial sales figures. Microsoft shared an unofficial figure of 'less than 100,000' XBOX units (of course, that could even be 5,000). Sony claimed around 400,000 PS2s, 120,000 PSPs and 35,000 PS3 units sold. While these figures don't sound very high in light of worldwide figures, it's still a start. And it's up to us to get them up — so each of you go out and convince all your friends to buy game consoles!


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