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Apple e il 3D

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Apple sta studiando il suo modo di vedere ed interagire con visioni in 3D

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office this week revealed a new patent application from Apple. Originally filed on Jan. 14 of 2010, the application entitled "Three-Dimensional Display System" describes a projection screen with an "angularly responsive reflective surface."

curiosissimo di come la cosa si potrą sviluppare :)

The new application notes that while 3D has been popular at various points over many years, it usually falls out of favor because users are not interested in wearing the eyewear that is often required to render a three-dimensional image for the viewer.
"While these approaches have been generally successful," the application says, "they have not met with widespread acceptance because observers generally do not like to wear equipment over their eyes. In addition, such approaches are impractical, and essentially unworkable, for projecting a 3D image to one or more casual passerby, to a group of collaborators, or to an entire audience such as when individual projects are desired. Even when identical projections are presented, such situations have required different and relatively undeveloped technologies, such as conventional autostereoscopic displays."

The described invention is a display system that delivers a 3D picture and interactive interface without the need for headgear or glasses. It provides two embodiments: one of a traditional stereoscopic 3D display, while another describes a "realistic holographic 3D display experience."

"The positions of one or more observers are also tracked in real time so that the images that are being projected to the observers can be continually customized to each observer individually," the application reads. "The real time positional tracking of the observer(s) also enables 3D images having a realistic vertical as well as horizontal parallax."

It continues: "In addition, each 3D image can be adjusted according to the observers' individually changing viewing positions, thereby enabling personally customized and individuated 3D images to be viewed in a dynamic and changeable environment. Further, the positional tracking and positionally responsive image adjustment enable synthetization of true holographic viewing experiences."

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purtroppo stasera non ho il tempo di leggermelo...
ma ho capito che non serviranno gli occhiali... e per me questa č gią una gran cosa

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